What’s Happening is Out!

I am so excited to announce the first edition of our digital reading magazine, What’s Happening, is out.  Each week a new edition of this digital magazine will be delivered to your child’s email.  I have scheduled it to be delivered at noon on Sunday, so kids can have a sneak peak if they choose.

So how does it work?  I choose up to 25 sites/Twitter feeds kids will enjoy.  Each week as new content is posted to these sites, it will create a  magazine the kids can read.  I added sites on science, history, maker spaces, 3D printing, food/cooking, sports and more.  magazine2As kids share their interests I can modify and adapt the magazine to provide them with current events on topic they are interested in learning about.  Check out our first edition!

Several of the kids asked if they could read our magazine for home reading.  The answer was, “YES!”  Students should simply note which articles they read on their home reading sheet in the “Title” section.

Would you like to receive our magazine each week?  Simply subscribe by adding your email address into the subscribe button on the top right hand side of the magazine (see below):

where to subscribe2

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