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Before vacation we skyped with a 4th grade class in an all girls school in New York.There are 700 girls there, and it is a Preschool-12th grade school. One of the first things I noticed is that they wore uniforms. I think that’s very interesting. Another interesting fact is that they have recess on the roof. That must be a great view because they are right across from Central Park. To find out where they were we asked these questions:

  • Are you west of the Mississippi River?
  • Are you in the United States?
  • Are you one of the original 13 Colonies?
  • Do you live in New England?
  • Do you border Pennsylvania?
  • Do you border the Atlantic Ocean?

But what made this an abnormal Mystery Skype was that for the first time four kids were chatting on computers during the Skype using Today’s Meets. Here is the beginning of our chat:

hey by Jaya

and I am also 10 by ad

I’m eleven.Whose class are you in? by JM

Mine is aiden by ad

How old are you? I am 10! by V

Hi what is your name by ad

Hello.We’re getting ready. by JM

I am excited to chat with you! by V

Hi! by V

We had done this at 1:30 and it was very fun because we do it pretty often and it is awesome! I can’t wait to Mystery Skype again. I had fun Mystery Skyping and using Today’s Meets!

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