Math Test Tomorrow

It’s that time again . . . unit 9 math test.  Today we completed a review in class of the material on tomorrow’s test.  Unit 9 focused on fractions, decimals and percents.  To prepare for a math test we need to PRACTICE.  Students have the OPPORTUNITY to practice for their test and earn bonus points (5 points!).  They have two options to practice:

1. Make a practice test with 20 problems (Must contain a variety of problems).  The mathboxes and journal pages are a great place to find math problems for a practice test.  Students must complete the practice test and return it tomorrow to receive the bonus points.

2. Play Unit 9 Jeopardy and keep track of your work on a 4×5 grid.  See directions below.

Jeopardy Game Directions:

  • Open file by clicking on the words Jeopardy above
  • Click “Play slideshow from beginning”
  • Once you are at the game board, choose a place to begin and click on it.  You may get a warning (Security Alert-Macro) . . . the file is fine.  You can click on “enable content” or try to X out of the box.  The game should be ready to go!
  • Read question and answer on your game board (5 x 5 grid).  Remember to show all your work-not just answer.  Use back if you need more room.
  • To reveal the answer on the computer click anywhere in the question box and the answer will show up on top.
  • Click on the HOUSE button to return to the game board and select another question.  Questions already answered should be highlighted a different color.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!
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